Visual Design Group

The idea behind the Visual Design Group was nothing less than to create a fully functioning visual studio within KDE. A group where designers meet, talk openly and the energy is vibrant with optimism. KDE as a community has always been open to newcomers, ready to share in the fun. Its attitude to strangers has always been welcoming and warm, the issue was that this was mainly true for developers and programmers.

KDE has a history of gathering some of the best and the brightest developers creating stunning works of engineering and programming but visually we were lacking.

Many designers simply didn't know that there was a need for design help within KDE and if they knew they had no way to easily contribute in the free, open and collaborative way KDE always been known for.

Until now.

The KDE Visual Design Group aims to bring the best designers together, find the rising talents and combine them with the old guard. To help refine visuals and interface in cooperation with developers , interface designers and the KDE Marketing team – using open cooperation and collaboration as guidelines.