How to comment

If you want to comment and contribute through criticism there are a few rules to remember:

In a few days a subforum at will open up dedicated to the visual design group where we and people in the community will post mockups, wireframes and ideas - we would love to have your input - but remember, its not criticism if its not helpful!

How to get Design Help

At the moment we will try to keep most of the communication via the KDE forums where you can ask for help or assistance, post suggestions and plans and contact us one on one. This subforum will be live in a few days.

Later the idea is to create a workflow based on a trello board to better manage work and needs in the wider community and to easier invite others to join in! But for now the forums and the mailing lists will be the best way to get our attention.o join in! But for now the forums and the mailing lists will be the best way to get our attention.

How to Contribute

First of - congratulations! If you have made a mockup, if you want to code QML, if you got ideas for icons, logos, fonts or PR material - you have already contributed by being a part of the greater community effort. But now you want to post it, to get input and to get it through the right channels.

Post it in the forums, poke Jensreuterberg at the KDE forums or any of the others in the VDG there if you don’t get a response. We will take a long look at what you have created, provide input if wanted, try to get a hold of the right people for you so the devs in charge of the project you’re working on see what you have done and get the ball rolling.

We want to make certain you feel appreciated that you, if nothing else, get a worthwhile experience from working with us and being part of the greater KDE community.

If you have an idea - let us know! Lets collaborate! Lets make things!