What we do

The goal of the KDE VDG is to create a central point for all visual design work – a one-stop for all KDE's visual design needs, if its logo's, icons, visuals, illustrations, launch pages, plasma themes or presentation and promo-material. We will promote our presence, make blueprints for visuals and design guides to further help community cooperation and participation in an open and collaborative way. We will organize the work needed by developers, who works with what and with whom and invite others to join. This will be handled centrally to avoid two designers working on the same issue, or developers not getting help with their projects.

At the core we have talented designers and developers, illustrators and graphical engineers to lead and guide the work and create a unified feel for all applications, plasma widgets, promo materials, launch pages, interfaces and themes.

The community, all who want to, can step in and contribute – pick up a job from the list contact the designer or developer who works as lead for that project and start working. If you want to contribute through suggestions and criticism as part of the community you can too – design is a matter for all and we want to hear everyones opinion.

We will make certain on no uneven terms that the main goal is collaboration and mutual cooperation. To this end we will try to start short courses in design subjects, spread information on manuals and tutorials on how to use Open Source tools and try give everyone present a network of future mentors, colleagues and friends.

A stunning visual design for KDE may be the result but the community effort and a passion for its members will always be the top priority.